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Date Night Ideas

 25 Fun Date Ideas for Every Budget

It's no secret that children can make "date nights" harder to have due to child care (or lack there of), budgets, schedules, plain exhaustion, and other things. At our house, the majority of our days are consumed with four kids, work, a little work out time for ourselves, and all the tasks of daily household management. So for us, it's really important that we schedule some time to "date again" and remember that we are still a couple and not just mom and dad. And no, sitting on the couch watching tv while on our phones/computers doesn't count! 

Of course we love going out to a nice dinner and movie, but let's face it, that can get boring. Here is my list of fun date nights that can fit any budget!

Don't have a sitter? Put the kids to bed and....

1. Have a game night: (Uno, Monopoly, Cards of Humanity, Strip Chocolate, whatever games you like)

2. Cook dinner together: try a new recipe, make your tried and true favorite meal, but make it together! Then sit down and enjoy. Or, if you are too tired to cook, just order take out!

3. At home spa night: light some candles, take turns giving each other massages and facials while getting to relax. If your man isn't into this idea, let him go first and then see what he says :)

4. Get your sports on:  play a game of pool, darts (our favorite, we grab a couple beers and get a little competition going) basketball in the driveway, or grab a baseball mitt and bat.


5.Go for a walk together in the neighborhood or explore another part of town.

6. Take a drive: grab a coffee and visit a nearby town, your old neighborhood, the beach, a park, any place you haven't been before.

7. Try something new together. Visit that Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Thai, or other restaurant you haven't tried before. Get a unique martini or specialty coffee that you wouldn't normally have. Break the habit of going to the same places and getting the same things. On our anniversary last year, I finally tried caviar. No, it wasn't that great and I probably wouldn't try it again, but it felt liberating to try something new.

8. Go to a shooting range and learn or practice firing guns. Last year, I found a place near us that cost $5 per person and they gave us the 101 on handguns and we got to fire a few different ones.

9. Try a yoga, boxing, kickboxing, or whatever type of exercise class interests you. If you belong to a gym that has classes you are all set, and if not, many places let you try a class for free.

10. Go bowling

11. Play laser tag

12. Drive go karts

13. Many places like Wine and Canvas, Painting With a Twist, etc. have date nights for couples to come have a drink and paint a picture with an instructors help.

14. Progressive dinner: get an appetizer at one place, an entree at another, and finish off with dessert somewhere else. This is great for those times you can't decide on where to go.

15. Check out a local festival

16. Make wine or beer together. You have to research places around you that do this, but they are out there and something fun and new to do.

17. Drive in Movie: grab some pillows, blankets, a pizza and enjoy!

18. Visit a museum or light show at the planetarium

19. Visit the zoo

20. Go sledding, snow tubing, skiing, or snowboarding

21. Get a couples massage

22. Go to a hockey, baseball, or basketball game. Save a little money and go to a high school football game. Cuddle under a blanket, get some popcorn, and reminisce about your own high school days.

23. Visit a haunted house or orchard in the fall

24. Have a picnic at the park or beach

25. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows under the stars

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