Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Under the Sea Mermaid Party

Get ready to dive into the sea for my little mermaids' third birthday! I absolutely love this theme because of the endless amount of cute ideas you can use. In my early party planning days, I did an Under the Sea party for my first set of twins when they turned two, you can check out that party here.

This particular party took place just after summer so the pool was not an option, however, I found other ways to help keep these mermaids and their friends occupied...

The mermaids greeted their guests while standing under a colorful sea creature balloon arch that opened up to a "sea" full of fun. We found the perfect dolphin bounce house from the same local party supply company that made this adorable balloon arch. A sandbox, water table, and child friendly sea creature scavenger hunt was also part of the outdoor fun.

The mermaid costumes are from Chasing Fireflies

This was the highlight of the girls weekend and a splurge since it was our last party before moving out of state.

While bright and bold colors popped up outside on the lawn, the party indoors was more subtle with shades of blue, purple, and green. I made the backdrop out of vinyl tablecloths from Dollar Tree mixed in with sparkly mesh ribbon. I used this picture so you can see how the tablecloths are cut and then braided a few times together at the top.

 Jellyfish floated in the air...

Paper lanterns, streamers, ribbon, and hot glue is all it took to make these jellyfish
Pictures of the girls from birth to the present were displayed on a fishing net

The kids' table offered each mermaid a crown, starfish wand, and treasure box full of chocolate gold coins and jewelry.
I purchased the Aeriel crowns from Party City and simply hot glued lavender barrettes (found on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics) and the small starfish (also from JoAnn Fabrics).
The treasure boxes were purchased from Oriental Trading and I spray painted them gold. The large starfish on the wands were bought from Amazon. I hot glued them on a wooden dowel, then added ribbon and a sparkly gem.

adult table decor

The food table consisted of crabwiches (chicken salad filled croissants), octopus dip, fruit cups, sand dollars (potato chips), shells and cheese (homemade macaroni and cheese) ocean water, and an amazing edible starfish and shells dessert spread. My mom and author of the amazing blog What Happens At Grandmas helped out by making these starfish she adapted from Hungry Happenings. She used sugar cookies, icing and crushed up Graham crackers for these starfish. I made the shells using Wilton white chocolate and molds purchased from JoAnn Fabrics. The sand is simply crumbled vanilla cake mix and the mini buckets and sand tools are from Oriental Trading.

Chicken Salad Crabwiches

Octopus ranch dip and veggies

Ocean Water aka Blue Hawaiian Punch
Another contribution from my mom was the supplies to make these adorable aquariums.We found the idea on Pinterest. Aquarium rocks, sea weed, shells, plastic fish and sea creatures were carefully selected by each party guest for their own aquarium before we filled the plastic jar with filtered water, glitter, and blue food coloring.

We had a few good hours of fun with lots of bouncing, playing, cake, and presents. Each party goer also took home a "fish in a bag soap". I followed the directions provided by Jessica and Mandy at Little Birdie Secrets. However, if you plan on making these I would suggest adding a large glass of wine and lots of patience to the recipe. It took me plenty of trials before I was able to make anything that slightly resembled theirs.

And what kind of under the sea birthday party would it be without a real fish?! Meet "Fishy" the girls' new pet!

And as usual, most of my parties would not happen without assistance from my wonderful family. As mentioned earlier my mom made the desserts and facilitated the aquarium making while my sister took some great pictures of the party details and party itself! My brother in law and husband helped with the set up and clean up. Thank you everyone!!! This is one of my sisters and her adorable family at the party.

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  1. This was a fabulous party! I'd forgotten about the cute crab sitting happily in his bowl of dip! The kids were just delighted with everything you did for them! Amazing!

  2. so darn cute! Where was this post when I needed it for my daughters Mermaid party a couple of weekends ago. Funny enough I just posted my Little Mermaid party today! :)

    1. Thank you! I read your post also and LOVED the dessert display and backdrop!

  3. What an awesome party!!! You didn't miss one detail. I'm so impressed!

  4. This is such a fun idea! I'm obsessed with the little mermaid so this party would've been perfect for me as a kid!

    1. Thank you Kaitlyn! And why not turn it into an adult version?! :)

  5. I want to come to a party at your house! I bet the girls were exhausted by the time it was over and I do hope you had a glass of wine ready for that evening!!!

    1. Well my favorite holiday is approaching and you could come and party and see M and fam!!!! My mom would come too!
      And absolutely there was a glass or two consumed after that 😊

  6. Your Chicken Salad Sandwiches look yummy! Could I get the recipe? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Shelley!
      Absolutely and it's healthy too. I don't have an exact recipe but this is how I make mine. You can use any chicken breasts but I find that buying a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store works great (not dry and saves a step). Pull apart white meat, add red grapes halved, 1/2 chopped onion, chopped celery (optional) 1/4 cup chopped unsalted almonds, 1 cup of Greek plain yougurt or you can use half a cup of Greek yougurt and half a cup Mayo,dash of sea salt and pepper and mix. Again Im sorry I don't have exact measurents as I just eyeball ingredients depending on how much chicken salad I'm making. Let me know how it turns it! 😊