Thursday, July 7, 2016

Splashing Into Summer

The wind ruined all my hanging decor, but what can you do? Thankfully it didn't rain.

Another move, a new house, and a pool! I have dreamed of having our own backyard pool since I was eight years old and couldn't be happier. It provides hours of entertainment and lots of fun ideas for parties. Our annual welcome to summer party was a cinch this year!

We had five very sweet boys over at the end of the school year for a few hours of summer fun. Swimming, water balloons, food, and an easy game was all it took for lots of smiles and screams of delight.

Each party guest received a sand pail filled with silly string, bubbles, and snacks. The buckets and goodies were all a dollar a piece from Target and the Dollar Tree. In addition to the snacks I had walking tacos (meat was in a crock pot) and a plate of cut up fruit. And for desert...
Aren't these amazing?!

Can't forget the sugar loaded but colorful Popsicles for a pool party
I had two dozen beach balls all blown up by my husband awaiting the kids in pool but the wind kept blowing them out so I compromised with water balloons. One hundred water balloons to be exact. Thanks to Bunch O Balloons I was able to have all one hundred water balloons filled in less than ten minutes.

The boys had so much fun swimming they didn't want to get out of the pool and that was fine by me. I loved how well they were playing together and entertaining themselves so I just sat on the edge of the pool like a hawk continually counting all seven heads.

After swimming for a couple hours straight the boys finally emerged to fill their bellies and play a game. Slurping for worms was the perfect pool party game. The boys had to find the gummy worms buried in whip cream using only their mouths. It was a hit and fun to watch. Plus, they were able to swim off some the extra sugar energy.

Another fairly inexpensive, easy, and fun kick off to summer party in the books. And that was just the first day of summer vacation. A lot more summer fun to come! Stay tuned...for more of my party ideas, home decorating, favorite recipes, twin activities x 2, and all things
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