Friday, March 20, 2015

St. Patty's Day Fun

This year I was caught up on sleep and ready for a little fun on St. Patrick's Day. I planned a couple corned beef meals, green lunches, and fun things for the kids to do, because aren't we all Irish on St. Patrick's Day!?

My oldest are at the age where "toilet humor" is just hilarious so when I came across this pin on Pinterest with green toilet water and leprechaun feet I knew that was a must do! This awaited them first thing in the morning. 
They laughed as hard as I thought they would!

 This year that sneaky little leprechaun left some rainbow colored candy in their shoes.

A St. Patrick's Day tradition here is to have Lucky Charms cereal with green milk. This is the only time of year I buy this cereal so they love it!

I also packed the boys' lunches with as much green as I could and a sad attempt at a leprechaun sandwich. I love all those cute bento creations but I just don't have the patience or time for most of those so I do what I can. And of course, the kids love it no matter how they turn out.

It's the thought that counts, right!?

My youngest are learning their colors right now so today was the perfect day to get out the Do A Dot markers and make rainbows. We also used our fruit pie sorter and grabbers to make a rainbow with the colored fruit. These are great for working on fine motor skills and can all be purchased on Amazon.

After painting it was time for a bath so I added a little green food coloring to the water. I swear it doesn't stain your bathtub, or kids! One of our favorite bath time activities is mixing shaving cream and food coloring to make "paint" and letting the kids paint the tub. They love this and no mess is left behind! Again, the dollar store carries shaving cream, paint brushes, and holiday decorations. I found the foam shamrocks there.

St. Patrick's Day bath
For lunch, the girls had turkey roll ups with kiwi, cucumbers, and avocado on the side. The "Yoda Soda" I made for the boy's Star Wars birthday party would be a great drink for today too. It's Sierra Mist and lime sherbet.
Since I wasn't going make the kids eat corned beef and cabbage just yet, they had shamrock shaped grilled ham and cheese. Yes, a  simple grilled sandwich cut out with a shamrock shaped cookie cuter.

The adult's dinner simmered away in slow cookers all day.  In one, I had corned beef and cabbage
and in another, just corned beef which I used to make rueben sandwiches. Low maintenance and delicious!

corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker
After homework and our daily reading was complete we did one last fun activity. I hid the dollar store shamrocks all over the house and the kids went on a mission to find them. While the boys were in a fierce competition to find the most, the girls were delighted to find one or two. Simple and fun!

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day too. Here's an Irish blessing I wanted to share...

May your troubles be less
and your 
blessings be more
and nothing but
come through your door

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  1. What a fun, happy and creative day! You thought of everything! The family life you are making for your kids is so worth the trouble of gathering everything and putting it all together in the form of tricks, games and cute food!

  2. What a wonderful St. Patrick's Day you gave them! I bet that toilet really was big hit!