Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine You Are Dino-Mite!!

Edible Dinosaur Valley
Party inspiration can come from anywhere. This whole party was inspired by a $3 dinosaur banner I picked up from Target at the dollar spot last month. I added the red heart stickers to spice it up for the holiday. Valentine's Day and Dinosaurs! What could be more fun?!

Don't let this T-Rex fool you, he wants to be your "friend-a-saurus"!

Another inspiration I had was from What Happens At Grandmas and her dinosaur table. I have always loved this idea and have been waiting for the right time to implement it.

I washed a sheet of plexi glass I found off a framed poster I had in the house. You can use any cut glass or plexi glass placed on top of green or floral print paper. I also added some large, paper palm leaves found in my party supply stash.

For this party we catered to the herbivores, but you could easily take care of the carnivores simply by adding meatballs, you know those things that also look like large boulders?

The nacho volcano was a hit. It's made of refried beans, Tostitos Black Bean Dip, and Tostitos nacho cheese. You can find the instructions here.  At the base of the volcano I added shredded lettuce and Tostitos scoops.

Trees, that happen to be in the shape of broccoli, and carrots made a delicious, crunchy snack for the Triceratops. However, you can't have an edible tablescape and not have something sweet for Valentine's Day. Bloody bones (Halloween leftovers) from victims of the tar pit (chocolate pudding) have surfaced. The rocks scattering the landscape are actually chocolate! And they are so good!

For a fun activity we chipped away at giant dinosaur eggs in order to excavate a mini dinosaur inside. You can find these Dig It Up Dinosaur Eggs from Mindware. If you have older kids who want more of a challenge they also have the Big Dig Dino Model. You excavate the dinosaur bones and assemble. We have done the T-Rex and were impressed with the high quality pieces.

Getting ready to excavate

I hope you have a Dino Mite Valentine's Day!!!


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  1. This is so cute! Love the decor and food!

  2. This is such a cute idea... LOVE the dinosaur theme. You did a great job with the decor and fun food! Going to keep this in mind for next year, my girls would LOVE this.

  3. What a clever idea to use dinosaurs to celebrate Valentine's Day!! My boys would love to do this celebration.

    1. Thank you! Dinosaurs are fun for lots of occasions!