Sunday, March 31, 2019

Baseball Treat Idea

Calling all baseball and softball parents! Opening day is this week. However, in the south, little league has been playing for weeks. 

If you need a snack idea or you want a little surprise for the team at the end of the season, I've got an easy and cute idea for you. 

While browsing at Five Below last year, I found the baseball Big League Chew and couldn't pass them up. I also wanted to add something with my son's team name, so I found these little plastic hats that double as an ice cream bowl off Amazon. They have a variety of the major league teams. Lastly, nothing says baseball like Cracker Jacks. You can also find these on Amazon since I wasn't able to find any at the local grocers. Tie them up with cellophane and ribbon and you have yourself a fun baseball treat.

Have a great season!!!

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  1. very cute! I can see those little boys so excited to receive these at season's end!