Friday, February 10, 2017

It's time for Valentines

Cute preschool Valentines from Dollar Tree and printable from The Cookes Family
If you are looking for a budget friendly and easy Valentine idea, I've got one for you! I saw these foam hearts and stickers at Dollar Tree last week and thought they would be perfect for my preschoolers' valentines since their classroom has severe food allergies. And while I am no stranger to using store bought valentines cards, I wanted to do something a little more this year.

I already had the clear plastic baggies I purchased from Michael's craft store awhile back. Although you could use small clear zip lock baggies if you have them on hand. My plan was to create a cute printable that said "Let's stick together" but this busy momma of four and a new pup just doesn't have the time so I searched Pinterest and found this adorable "I'm stuck on you" printable for free from Rachael at The Cooke Family.

The girls signed their names, a quick staple, and as my niece Kaylee would say done! done!

I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!!

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  1. These are darling! And something the kids will really enjoy playing with! LOVE!!!

  2. Thank you!! The kiddos loved playing with all the "extras" 😊