Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day Love Bugs

Thank you Target dollar spot for the goodies!
On Valentine's Day every year I make a traditional pancake breakfast for my four little love bugs! It's nothing fancy, but they love it. The table is decorated with hearts, balloons and a couple small gifts they receive from us and their grandparents. Check out the latest on my mom's blog whathappensatgrandmas for more of her Valentine craft and gift ideas!

When my oldest set of twins (the boys) were about a year old my mom started calling them the "doodlebugs". They were a busy, bald headed pair of cuteness that loved to curl up in your lap and snuggle! My second set of twins, the "ladybugs" arrived four years later! In honor of my little bugs I decided to have a Love Bug themed dinner this year.

On the menu was homemade cheese pizza, ladybugs on crackers, grape worms, pesto snails, apple and celery insects, and dirt cups for dessert. All washed down with a tall glass of bug juice aka green healthy juice! 

Easy and fun. And of course hearing my son say how cute everything was and my daughter tell me everything is "just perfect" didn't hurt either. Or all the xoxo I got from my love bugs (big and small) that day!

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  1. This is just darling! Cute theme! And healthy food disguised as good old plain fun! I love the snails! What a sweet way to let your kids know, once again, that they're so well loved - and get some well deserved compliments in return, too!