Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Hello again! I took a little hiatus from blogging due to a couple of busy months. We were blessed with back to back visits from Yia Yia and Papou (Greek grandparents) and Grandma and Grandpa! When the grandparents are here, it's fun for everyone! There are extra arms to cuddle in, another lap to sit on, lots of projects to create (homemade catapults and paper mache Easter baskets), and fun outings to be had. For me, this means time at the gym exercising, running errands solo, and date nights with my husband! I have also been busy revamping our play room (a post to follow once it's complete), decorating the boys rooms, the master bedroom, and putting on a Valentine's Day party for my kids.

Grandma and three of her six grand kids!
 In early March we still had snow on the ground but I decided it was time to finally haul in the winter planters from the front porch and add some touches of spring around the house.


While browsing my favorite local home and floral design store, I spotted a beautiful spring wreath and fell in love. However, I wasn't crazy about the price tag, $95.00. And this was for a basic grapevine wreath with two different colors of  peonies, ivy, and ribbon. Right there I decided I could make a similar wreath for a fraction of the price. Not only was it easy to make, but I had fun doing it and couldn't believe I only spent a quarter of what the other wreath cost.

I already had the grapevine wreath base and ivy so I didn't need to purchase those. However, those can be found at any craft store. I found the flowers and ribbon at Hobby Lobby all on sale. The types of flowers and color are not the same as the wreath I found at the other store, but I was happy with these. I cut the flower stems with heavy duty kitchen scissors and threaded the stems through the branches, added the ivy, and the bow I made out of the ribbon and that was it! It literally took about 20 minutes. If people really pay $100.00 for something similar to this I think I found my new business venture :)  And just between us, I like mine better.

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  1. Your wreath is so cute! Sure do love that first picture! I know a certain Grandma J who had a wonderful time!

    1. Thank you KC! After such a fun week it was hard to see her go. Thankfully our next family get together is only a couple weeks away :)

  2. Sometimes I don't know how you do it! All four kids happy and healthy, the house spotless - AND decorated for EVERY season just as cool as it is now! That wreath is gorgeous!

    1. Well I wouldn't say the house is always spotless :) but thank you!