Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Adventures, Changes, and Growth

Blogging, "wifeying", mothering, trying to exercise on a regular basis, cooking, driving to activities, cleaning, party planning, schooling, running the house, regenerating with wine and Thursday night TV after a long week...I don't know how one does it all?! So naturally, blogging is the first that goes. Which explains why I have been MIA for about a year, again. Well all that in addition to finding out last August that my husband's job was relocating us to new a city again, helping prepare my oldest for a smooth transistion, living with a commuting husband, having our house on the market with 4 young children, and then packing up and driving half way across the country to our new town. Yes, those were a trying few months!

Fast forward to the present and we are finally all unpacked, the kids love their new school, they have met a couple friends, I love decorating/organizing our new house, we have been exploring our new city; there is so much to do here and the sun shines most days!!! Now that we are back into a routine I'm hoping that I can continue blogging because I still have parties from the last year or so to post and goals for growing Mrs.Party Planner!

So stop back and check out even more parties, adventures with twins x 2, new home decorating on a budget and more!!!


  1. I'll be here! The fun never ends at your happy house!

  2. It is so nice to have you back! I know your life has been crazy lately but glad things are all working out.

    1. Thanks KC! It has been crazy, very glad to be falling into a routine again. I'll be over to see whats going on in Amaraland!